Palatine Road Narrow Urban Freeway Proposal

This site is dedicated to the improvement of Palatine Road between Illinois Route 53 and Interstate 294 (Tri-State Tollway). We are proposing that this segment of highway be upgraded to freeway standards so that it would allow the unhindered flow of traffic, with no traffic signals, intersections or property access. Existing interchanges would be retained at Route 83/Elmhurst Road, Wolf Road, and Milwaukee Ave. New interchanges would be built at Kennicott Avenue, Arlington Heights Road, U.S. Route 12 (Rand Road), Windsor Drive, Schoenbeck Road, and Wheeling Road. Our proposed narrow urban freeway design would not require any land to be acquired, nor any structures to be torn down. Also, the design would not add any additional traffic lanes. In fact, it would reduce the number of lanes in 2 miles of the corridor. With the proposed improvements, travel times between IL-53 and I-294 would be cut in roughly half from what they currently are during peak and off-peak travel periods.

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Traffic Congestion in the Northwest Suburbs

Traffic congestion has risen to abhorred conditions in much of the northwest suburbs. While most of the sub-regions in the Chicago area have easy connection to one another, past transportation planners and highway engineers somehow overlooked the northwest suburbs when laying out our region's highway plans. As a result, traveling between the northwest suburbs and the north suburbs has been a painful experience for far too long. It is our hope that Illinois Department of Transportation and the municipalities along the Palatine Road corridor (Arlington Heights, Wheeling, and Prospect Heights) would work together to solve this deficiency in the region's highway network.

Summary of Proposed Improvements

  • Build new interchanges with the indicated designs that all have Palatine Road tunneling under the following cross streets:
    • Kennicott Avenue — Single Point Urban Interchange
    • Arlington Heights Road — Half Tight Diamond Interchange
    • Rand Road — Half Tight Diamond Interchange
    • Windsor Road (formerly known as Buffalo Grove Road) — Tight Diamond Interchange
    • Schoenbeck Road — Tight Diamond Interchange
    • Wheeling Road — Tight Diamond Interchange
  • Cap Palatine Road with a boulevard-type park between Arlington Heights Road and Rand Road. The park would be framed by set of 2-lane Collector-Distributor roads.
  • Eliminate 3.5 miles of Frontage roads in locations where adjacent properties could be served by other connections to the cross streets listed above
  • In place of the removed frontage roads, build 10-foot wide Bicycle Paths which use would be limited to non-motorized modes of transportation
  • Reduce the width of the remaining Frontage roads to one lane and provide a Barrier Protected Bike Lane


  • Two through lanes in each directions, that are unimpeded by traffic signals, would be maintained throughout the entire corridor
  • Cross streets would receive 30-40% additional green time at their signalized intersections with Palatine Road, thus greatly reducing congestion on the surrounding surface streets
  • Get from Palatine to Evanston in just 20 minutes!

What about Sanders Road?

Willow Road between Sanders Road and I-294 was recently widened to 3 lanes in each direction, including the installation of left and right turning lanes in several locations. Construction of an interchange at Sanders Road would inherently undo many of these improvements and waste tax payer money. As such, we are not proposing an interchange upgrade to this intersection at this time. We do recommend, however, that plans for commercial land acquisition and reconfigured local access be drawn up to make way for a future interchange at this location.

1st of 3 Kickoff Meetings for Commuters Tired of Traffic Congestion in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago

If you are a commuter in the northwest or north suburbs, travel to the northern suburbs from other sub-regions of the Chicago area, or are otherwise interested in smart transportation improvements, then you are encouraged to join our group. The first meeting is proposed for 7 PM, Thursday, August 4th, 2017 at the Corner Bakery at the corner of Palatine Road and Rand Road (470 E Rand Rd., Arlington Heights, IL 60004). So that we may feel welcomed by the Corner Bakery employees, please aim to purchase some food or beverage from the establishment.
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Tentative Agenda
  • Introductions and Welcome Message
  • Brief History of Palatine Road
  • Summary of Past Engineering Studies
  • Possible Next Steps
  • Open forum
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